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Geisha Mackerel Red Can


Geisha mackerel is a delectable delicacy that will tantalise your taste senses. It comes in a can with tomato sauce and is ready to serve with bread or as a meal.

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Iwisa Super Maize Meal 2.5kg

Iwisa Maize Meal is a premium quality from South African

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Iwisa Maize Meal is a staple in any South African kitchen. Unlike European polenta, mielie meal is normally white in color and quite coarse-textured. Cooked on the stove, maize meal can make an appearance at any meal of the day. Consistency can vary from a smooth and loose porridge, through a stiff paste, to a crumbly and dry texture.

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Yum Yum Instant Noodles - Curry 24x5


 These noodles are ideal for a snack at the office, at home, or on the go and are simple to prepare by adding water and the spice mix provided. Yum Yum Instant Curry Noodles are ready in 3 minutes and taste delicious. Variations: After draining, combine the spice mix with curry for a complete meal of Yum Yum Instant curry Noodles.

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